Whale Talk: Credit Should Be Free by Liam

Whale Talk

Credit Should Be Free

Differences lie in everything

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In Whale Talk by Chris Crutcher, T.J. Jones goes to Cutter High School. In the book, T.J’s English teacher, Mr Simet, doesn’t want to coach wrestling and wants to create a swim team instead, but the problem is the high school doesn’t have a pool. T.J gathers students at his school and encourages them to join as well. T.J is also a good guy. Protecting people from getting bullied or being a helping hand to others may be a reason for under acknowledgement. He is so kind that his friends get annoyed at him for being this way and want him to just be a regular teen. T.J is different in many ways, race, emotions, actions and ideas but that doesn’t stop him from being a great guy.


T.J. doesn’t get as much credit as needed, because many problems run through is life such as racism and selfishness. He is a Japanese African American who was adopted by white parents. He is a great swimmer but doesn’t like to attend school events. The swim team was formed by him, conducted by him and he was the only swimmer who could compete in state races.


Whale talk introduces the topic of racism by T.J having to endure it everyday in high school.“The inland North-west isn’t exactly the most ethnically balanced spot in the universe.”(77) This shows that T.J is aware that he is considered different in the part of town that he lives in. T.J is not acknowledged as much as he should be because of he’s different.


Racism is important because it could happen to everyone. But we don’t get to choose what race we are and how we look so why should we judge, it’s like the luck of the draw. We all experience it, in and out of our daily lives but you probably don’t take action. We can even see it in our everyday life here in India. People are judged all over the city and not given equal opportunities.


The next reason that his friends and teachers don’t give him as much credit as needed is that he can act out differently. T.J has anger issues and can be a jerk sometimes, that’s why he doesn’t like to compete in activities. “STOP!”. “Mrs, Herrick yelled, but i punched Ronnie Blackburn in the nose anyway.” (7). T.J acts out aggressively towards classmates and peers but I mean how would you feel if you got treated unfairly everyday and people don’t care about you. Many people don’t understand a person fully because they may not take the time to get to know them. There are many reasons for that and for T.J its his attitude towards others. T.J doesn’t have many friends but he still does his best to be the best person he can as a teenager.


In Whale Talk, T.J only got recognition for being a great swimmer, but he’s much more than that. He led his team, inspired many and tried his best throughout his high school years. T.J. Jones should get much more credit because of his dedication to life but doesn’t due to personal treats such as race and personality.

robotics final project

For my independent project was a bot that could push things. The process of making bot was a lot. I first made the bit without any help and did it without thinking a lot. But after thinking that i was done, I realized that i could not but in the cords that made it run from the NXT. so then i fixed that and then i failed again. I could not put in the cords in the ports so i had to fix that. After i put the cords in, i got some things that i would push. Finally i got some pots and pushed one first and then two. The weight of both of them is 1.9 kg. I really enjoyed this project because of the freedom

Vingettes of America


I’m 13, coming from France to get a job. Many of my friend left France for money
and a better opportunity for a nice and luxury life. I left with my dad to come here on a boat, a huge one with many people. I was scared at first because of all the adults that I’ve never seen before. Also, I’ve never been on the water this far out of the shore. The water under my feet makes me feel sick, with the bile inside bubbling up. I look into the distance and just see blue waves of water everywhere. I finally arrive at this mysterious place wondering what’s ahead of me. At the factory, we get to our rooms with many people packed in like sheep in a pen. Laying on the floor, wondering how I can get some food and how I will get some rest in this place. I wake up early, ready for the day ahead of me. I walk with all the other kids wondering what I’m going to do. I get to my station with many other kids next to me. The owners said that I have to do everything perfectly or something bad will happen to me.Toy after toy, I do my part by putting and sewing the eyes onto the teddy bear wondering about the money because that’s why I came. I told myself I need this money so I must do my best. I finally am settled but I think to myself now, is it to late.


Here in America is much different than Germany. I came here to support my family because I want to go to school. I used to go to school until I got kicked out for not paying. I loved it there because I had many friends and I love my classes. My favorite was writing because I could express and tell my stories without talking. I still do that now, but much less. I have to work in the factory. I have made a couple friends but it’s hard to make more. Were not allowed to talk while working and we only get around 30 minutes to eat and socialize. I write a lot during that time but then when that time is over we just go back to work. I was really excited to come to America to work and get money to go back to school but now I’m not so sure that I like it because how we get treated. I work in the factory with my brother and my parents work somewhere else. I don’t like that because I can only see my parents after work is done and that’s around 8pm. But when were done with work we go to our room and eat dinner. Dinner is my favourite time of the day because I get to be with my family and I can
also play with my brother. We like playing games and reading and writing. After that is bed time and usually were always tired by then so we go to bed. Repeat, repeat, repeat.


I just finished college and am wanting to go look at the textile mills. I’ve heard that the mills have very harsh conditions and the workers don’t like to work there but they have to for money. I’m going there on Monday to take some photos and videos. I’m just preparing because I know that the head masters don’t want me to take a camera but I am going to anyway. The day has come and I just got in. The door so small and when I’m in the room where they make the Cotton, the smell so dusty and the darkness like no other. The faces on all the women and men and even children were blank. They all had one job and they did them quite well. They did this everyday, nothing else. Then I went to take some pictures. I saw the most horrible things, so I needed to stop this, pictures could help me do this. There was one girl who was just sitting in the floor because of how tired she was and then the headmaster walked in and just started screaming. My ears cracked because of the sudden change in volume. I wondered what he was going to do to her after I left but I guess I’ll never know. I walk out of the factory in disbelief and my heart sank inside me. I said to myself, I’m never going back there, because that won’t be there tomorrow.


Final project

My project was a corn hole. In the begging I was going to do the base 4 pieces wide and then after cutting all the pieces I on,y used 3. To provide support I out 2 panels under the base so they would not move a lot. After that I put the side pieces and cut the hole in the middle. I also made 3 bank bags with rice inside.

Some challenges were cutting the wood to the same size because all my peice s weren’t the same so I had to go back a cut again. Aft r making he whole thing I went to go and spray paint it and I really like it.


This project as really fun because I learned how to use a new tool on the computer and also I could do what I wanted with the picture so it was really nice for me. While doing this I learned in photoshop, how to add layers to make the lighting different. I also learned how to crop and paste things to make it more realistic. We had to make one realistic and one where we could do anything and the that I printed was the unrealistic because I really liked the colours and how it looked. In the end I had a fun time and I learned a lot.

Rope puzzle

The rope puzzle was super fun because I really liked working with wood and then when we finished we got to try to solve it,. At the begging I was really struggling with cutting the wood because I was putting to much power and it was not cutting well but after I could cut really well and efficiently. In the end I really enjoyed this project and I learned that being patient is really important.

Wearable tech on a pencil case

First we had to make the pencil case. That part was pretty easy because all we had to know was how to sew. It was a bit hard to learn but I got it in like one class. I learned many techniques of what kids of sews you have to do for different types of things. I also learned how to make nots and how to tie of nots. There were many steps to make a pencil case, first to choose what colors and then we had to cut it out in the correct shape and size. Next we had to sew the front and back together and then connect them. We had to flip it inside out to sew it and then bring back to normal. We also learned how to use a sewing machine. That for me was the hardest part of making the pencil case because you could not go to fast or you would not have control.

After making the pencil case we learned how to program lights. We spent a lot of time experimenting with lots of different types of lights like blinking, colour lights, light sensory and also lights at different speeds. The part where we could change the colour and speeds of the lights were super fun because we could use our imagination and we could do what we wanted. After many practises we saved many different codes to save for after we had finished the whole pencil cases lights.

Finally after the coding and making the pencil case we had to put the lights on our pencil case. The sewing was super hard because you had to be super precise and if any threads touched it would not work. It took me many tries to get it correct and I had to restart three times. I was super mad that it wouldn’t work but I never gave up and in the end I got all the lights to work. Two lights are not super powerful because they may be touching a bit of another thread but they still work so I am happy.

In the end I am really proud of what I have accomplished and am very great full that we did this project. I learned many knew things and I when I do things again I know a lot more than before. In the end I am very happy about this project and even though it was hard I still accomplished everything I needed too.

Hydro dipping

Hydro dipping was super fun because first we got to 3d print and got to explore with that a lot, but then we got to put that in water with spray paint in it. Something that was challenging was the 3d printing part. I had to make 5e ring perfectly so it was connected to the actual name tag. In the end I really enjoyed hydro dipping and found it as a really good learning experience.

Cyo led frog

Making the frog was really fun because it was really hard but when it was finished it was really cool. The whole project was really hard because you had to make really small folds and getting the lights to the work was really hard. I think in the end we were successful. I think we could improve it by maybe starting with a bigger piece of paper so that the folds would be easier.

Sewing a pencil case

This project was really fun because I learned many knew things and had many challenges through out the process. Something I learned was how to sew because at the begging of this a was a beginner and had no other knowledge of sewing. Something that was challenging was I was always falling the sewing because it Esther went the wrong way or did it the wrong way. I overcame this by practising and trying my best. In the end I really enjoyed this project and can’t wait to put some lights on it.