Wearable tech on a pencil case

First we had to make the pencil case. That part was pretty easy because all we had to know was how to sew. It was a bit hard to learn but I got it in like one class. I learned many techniques of what kids of sews you have to do for different types of things. I also learned how to make nots and how to tie of nots. There were many steps to make a pencil case, first to choose what colors and then we had to cut it out in the correct shape and size. Next we had to sew the front and back together and then connect them. We had to flip it inside out to sew it and then bring back to normal. We also learned how to use a sewing machine. That for me was the hardest part of making the pencil case because you could not go to fast or you would not have control.

After making the pencil case we learned how to program lights. We spent a lot of time experimenting with lots of different types of lights like blinking, colour lights, light sensory and also lights at different speeds. The part where we could change the colour and speeds of the lights were super fun because we could use our imagination and we could do what we wanted. After many practises we saved many different codes to save for after we had finished the whole pencil cases lights.

Finally after the coding and making the pencil case we had to put the lights on our pencil case. The sewing was super hard because you had to be super precise and if any threads touched it would not work. It took me many tries to get it correct and I had to restart three times. I was super mad that it wouldn’t work but I never gave up and in the end I got all the lights to work. Two lights are not super powerful because they may be touching a bit of another thread but they still work so I am happy.

In the end I am really proud of what I have accomplished and am very great full that we did this project. I learned many knew things and I when I do things again I know a lot more than before. In the end I am very happy about this project and even though it was hard I still accomplished everything I needed too.

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