The Day of the Dead is about celebrating the dead souls. It is not scary or sad. It is actually happy and memorable, and everyone has a great time for three days. The Day of the Dead starts on October 31, a preparation day, and goes to November 2, when people celebrate the dead souls. The people make altars that have a bowl of water to  make sure if they traveled a long way on water and in another bowl there will be soil for if the spirits traveled on land. They will also have a bowl of salt to keep the bad spirits away. 

People buy and make special things. You can buy spicy chocolate and lots of candy. People put incense on their  altars. There are funny skeletons  and you put the favourite things of the dead person on the altar.  People put marigolds, which are yellow and orange. On November 2, there are fireworks. On November 2, they have a party by the dead person’s grave. They have an amazing time out there. There are treats like sugar skull cookies.

Here is some important DAY OF THE DEAD vocabulary:                                                                                                                                                                               

  • A skull- Uma calavera
  • A marigold- in cempasĂșchil
  •  Candles- Velasquez
  • Incense- copal
  • An alter- in altar
  •  Flowers- Flores
  • Tissue paper cut out- paper picado
  •  Grave- Uma tumba
  • Panted face- in rostro pontado
  •  Spicy chocolate sauce- mole
  •  A little angel- in angelito
  • A cemetery-mun cementerio
  •  A skeleton figurine- una calace 
  • Bread of the dead- pan de muerto